Education Foundation

Who we are

We are the educational arm of the Four Corners Rod and Gun Club. We offer a wide variety of gun training opportunities for everyone. Regardless of your interests or your level of expertise, there is a class for you. Also immediate and direct access to the shooting center further aids in the learning experience and helps to complement and complete your training. Our instructors are all NRA Certified and our classes meet Oregon’s Requirement for a CHL. Check the calendar for upcoming events. All of our shooting events and educational programs are open to the public.

What we offer

Quality firearm training under the supervision of NRA Certified instructors.
Courses include the following:

  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Led
  • NRA Defensive Pistol
  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim
  • NRA CCW (concealed handgun)
  • NRA Basic Rifle
  • And many more….

Many of our courses offer hands on, live fire training.  This is an extra benefit over courses offered at other locations or classes taught at stores.  

Whether you’re taking the course for personal protection or a CHL, then make sure you’re protecting yourself not only physically, but by learning the legal ramifications, which we cover in some trainings as well. This knowledge is crucial if you ever find yourself faced with having to exercise your right to defend yourself.

We are a charitable foundation

The Four Corners Rod and Gun Club Educational Foundation
is an IRS 501©(3) charitable foundation.  All of our educational, training, and public services are incorporated into the foundation. If you are interested in working with the foundation or just contributing to it’s fund, please contact the club via email or voicemail and leave your contact information.

Colonel Allison Junior Rifle Club

CAJRC is a competitive shooting club.
We train youth, ages 12–20, in the Olympic shooting disciplines in air rifle and small-bore rifle.
Our goal is for young shooters to get into competitions with the ability to shoot their very best.

We provide the facilities for practice and competitions, while parent-coaches donate that magical mix of leadership, safety, organization and training opportunities in which new athletes can thrive.

Handgun Ballistics Workshop & Ballistic Gel Demonstration

 Wednesday, August 17th 6:00pm Short Range Building


The Educational Foundation will be hosting a free workshop for members (and their guests) on handgun ballistics and factors for selecting defensive ammunition. The workshop will include a presentation on considerations for stopping a deadly force threat by the ethical, prepared armed citizen. Different types of commonly available defensive handgun ammunition will be discussed.  Modern bullet designs have evolved considerably over the past 20 years, with many advances even more recently.


The discussion portion of the workshop will be followed by actual testing of handgun ammunition into ballistic gelatin (used in FBI ammunition testing) to view first-hand how different bullets expand, and the amount of penetration achieved for various cartridges. Samples will be present of previously tested rounds. We will be able to have some students bring their own defensive carry ammunition to see how it performs in the ballistic gelatin as well. Please feel free to bring one of your carry rounds and we will get to as many as possible. 


The 50-yard portion of the range will be closed for this event with the 10 and 25 yard side remaining open.


No need to RSVP, just meet in the Short Range building beginning at 6:00pm.  The event is brought to you by the Four Corners Rod & Gun Club Educational Foundation.

NRA Classes

 NRA CCW (Concealed Handgun) Course

Saturday & Sunday, November 5th & 6th, 2022

Four Corners Gun Club is hosting an NRA CCW, concealed handgun class in April.  This workshop goes beyond the basics of most CHL or concealed handgun license classes, so even if you are a current CHL permit holder you still may want to consider the course.  Topics include firearm safety, defensive handgun skills, clearing malfunctions and reloading, carry modes / drawing from concealment and mindset for the concealed carry lifestyle.  In addition, there is a shooting portion for this class that follows the NRA curriculum.  Students passing the workshop will be able to show they completed coursework in these areas and passed a standardized firearms qualification. 


This is an extensive class so if you are seeking the easy road to a CHL permit, this might not be your best option.  However, if you desire a deeper understanding of the above topics while learning in a small group (eight students maximum) this may be the class for you.  Saturday will consist of classroom and skill building with Sunday morning on the range.  The cost of the class is $100, $80 for FCGC members. Sign up on the NRA site by clicking HERE.  Please contact Will with any questions or for additional information.

NRA First Steps Semiautomatic Handgun Course  

Watch for Upcoming Class Dates

The Educational Foundation of the Four Corners Gun Club is planning workshops intended help introduce newer shooters on how to safely operate a semiautomatic handgun.  This training combines classroom and range time, along with plenty of opportunities for questions, to help lead shooters into becoming more comfortable operating pistols.  The cost of the class is $50.  Shooters who do not yet own a handgun can use one for $10, including ammunition.  This class is open to members and non-members so if you have any family, friends or co-workers who would benefit from the course please feel free to pass along the information.  Contact Will with any questions or additional information.

Junior Shooters Compete in Junior Olympic State Championships

Two shooters from the Colonel Allison Junior Rifle Club competed in the Junior Olympic State Championship at Tri-County gun club over the weekend of March 13th and 14th.  Both air rifle and .22 were shot over the two days.  In air rifle Kenzi shot a personal best 97 on the second target.  To provide some perspective, take a look at the target to the right.  The bullseye is not a circle, it is a dot!  This is shot a 10m (33 feet) and takes and amazing amount of concentration.  Fellow shooter Will posted solid scores as well (note the electronic scoring on the left).  Congrats to the CAJRC team!

Hunter Education Classes

Course Information

Hunter Education classes will begin in April running through summer at the club.  The first class begins on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, at 6:00pm.  Classes are held for three consecutive weeks each month on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (a total of six sessions); attendance is required for each session for the month.  Sign up on the ODFW website by clicking their banner to the left.  For more information contact Carl at (503) 581-9048.  The Short Range will remain open to members during the classes.  Please be respectful of the classes in session while you are in the building as the talking can sometimes get as loud as the gunfire!

Things to know

The students are required to shoot as a part of the course and will be shooting .22 rifles and pistols.

  • Firearms and ammunition are furnished by the club.
  • Hearing and eye protection are required while on the range and are also furnished by the club.

Prior to range night the students will receive instruction on the following:

  • Different types of firearms
  • Their safety features
  • How to properly load and unload them.

In addition to shooting and safe gun handling practices, students will receive instruction in

  • Responsibilities and ethics
  • Types and causes of gun accidents
  • Game management principles

Also, one night will be devoted to archery and black powder firearms and another night will deal with survival skills.

When available an OSP Game Warden will attend one of the sessions and talk to the students.

The final night is the review and test. Upon successful completion of the test the students will be awarded their Hunter Education Certificate and blaze orange hunting cap. For those under 18 they will also receive a free certificate to sight in a firearm at our annual sight in service in September.


If you have questions please contact either:

Carl Barner……… (503) 581-9048

Bob Chambers…. (503) 990-4895


Sign-up Information

Information and sign up for Hunter Ed classes is through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife web site by clicking HERE.