Education Foundation

Who we are

We are the educational arm of the Four Corners Rod and Gun Club. We offer a wide variety of gun training opportunities for everyone. Regardless of your interests or your level of expertise, there is a class for you. Also immediate and direct access to the shooting center further aids in the learning experience and helps to complement and complete your training. Our instructors are all NRA Certified and our classes meet Oregon’s Requirement for a CHL. Check the calendar for upcoming events. All of our shooting events and educational programs are open to the public.

What we offer

Quality firearm training under the supervision of NRA Certified instructors.
Courses include the following:

  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Led
  • NRA Defensive Pistol
  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim
  • NRA CCW (concealed handgun)
  • NRA Basic Rifle
  • And many more….

Many of our courses offer hands on, live fire training.  This is an extra benefit over courses offered at other locations or classes taught at stores.  

Whether you’re taking the course for personal protection or a CHL, then make sure you’re protecting yourself not only physically, but by learning the legal ramifications, which we cover in some trainings as well. This knowledge is crucial if you ever find yourself faced with having to exercise your right to defend yourself.

We are a charitable foundation

The Four Corners Rod and Gun Club Educational Foundation
is an IRS 501 (c)(3) charitable foundation.  All of our educational, training, and public services are incorporated into the foundation. If you are interested in working with the foundation or just contributing to its fund, please contact the club via email or voicemail and leave your contact information.

Colonel Allison Junior Rifle Club

CAJRC is a competitive shooting club.
We train youth, ages 12–20, in the Olympic shooting disciplines in air rifle and small-bore rifle.
Our goal is for young shooters to get into competitions with the ability to shoot their very best.

We provide the facilities for practice and competitions, while parent-coaches donate that magical mix of leadership, safety, organization and training opportunities in which new athletes can thrive.

 Defensive Shotgun Workshop (Low Light)

Saturday, December 2, 2023, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


The shotgun can be one of the most effective defensive tools in a home based, deadly force encounter. It is also one of the least understood.  In this workshop we will conduct instructional drills on the use of home defense shotguns at ranges we expect to encounter.  Topics will include deploying the firearm, ready positions, working around objects, barricades and corners, reloading, safely moving and other subjects directly related to using shotguns in the home defense mission.


We will use buckshot loads to pattern each student’s shotgun with their choice of choke and load.  This allows participants to understand the pattern spread size at different distances with their personal gun.  Slugs will be used for shooting at distance and their role will be discussed. 


Since many home-based, self defense encounters happen in low light conditions, this special workshop will be conducted in low light conditions.  Students do not need to have a light mounted on their shotguns to participate (you are welcome to), and we will discuss and demonstrate lights and mounting options.  Additional equipment will be another topic of discussion.  In part, this will include how to carry extra shells, use of slings (not required for class), various types of sighting systems, lighting, and other related additions. 


One of the most valuable components of this training is the ability to practice with your shotgun in a similar manner to a home defense situation.  Most of the rounds will be fired with standard, low to moderate recoiling birdshot shells.  If you are new to the shotgun, this is a great place to start.  If you have more experience we will be pushing you and your gun to score better hits more quickly.  There will be something for everyone to learn in this class. 


Workshop Details:

Spaces are limited in this workshop to allow each student plenty of time on the line shooting, allowing for personalized attention and most importantly safety.  Advanced registration is required.  Please contact Will at or (909) 816-8821 to save your spot or with any questions. 


Cost $40.00 for FCGC members / associate members, $50 for non-members / guests


Firearm Requirements:

A safe shotgun of any gauge or action style is allowed.  We expect most to bring semi-automatic or pump action guns but if your home defense gun is a break action you are still welcome in the class.  “Shockwave” type firearms are not appropriate for this workshop. 


Ammunition Requirements:

100 rounds of lead birdshot, 7 ½ shot or smaller, 5 - 10 rounds of buckshot (strongly recommend you bring what you intend you use at home), 5 rounds slugs (optional).  No steel shot permitted.

Other Equipment:

Recommend some method of storing shells on your gun.  Suggestions are a sleeve for your stock or an attachment to the receiver to hold a few shells.  Also have some way to carry rounds on your person (pouch or big pockets will work).  Students should have a handheld white light, firearms mounted lights are optional. 


Your Instructors:

Your core of instructors for this workshop have a variety of experience including multiple NRA Instructor Certificates (including shotgun) with come studying defensive shotgun techniques themselves from a variety of instructors and schools including Thunder Ranch / Clint Smith, Gunsite, Firearms Academy of Seattle, Tom Givens / Rangemaster (instructor level), Sentinel Concepts / Steve Fisher, law enforcement training / experience and others.  Their goal is to bring this information back to share to others through the Educational Foundation.


All proceeds from the workshop go to the Four Corners Rod & Gun Club Educational Foundation.

Handgun Foundations Workshop

Fourth Monday of (most) months, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This clinic is intended for people new or newer to firearms who are seeking a good foundation of safety, gun handling and basic marksmanship.  The sessions also welcome shooters who would like a refresher on these concepts.  Handgun Foundations covers the topics of safety with firearms (both on the range and at home), proper and safe manipulation of handguns, and the fundamentals of shooting and marksmanship.


This clinic involves a classroom session followed by live fire on the range to practice the safe skills learned with coaching all along the way.  If you have been looking for a safe environment to learn more about your handgun and ask all those questions you have been afraid to ask, this is the class for you. 


If you do not currently have a handgun and would like to learn, no problem.  Just let us know when you sign up.  Some loaner handguns are available.  We will be discussing firearm selection during the course and there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss the likes and dislikes of specific guns with fellow shooters.


There is no cost for the workshop, yes it’s FREE.

This workshop is open to non club members.

Pre-registration is required as space is limited.


To sign up for a workshop, please contact Will Funk at or at (909) 816-8821

Low Light Handgun Workshop


Watch for a date in early 2024


Hunter Education Classes

Hunter Education classes have concluded for 2023.  Watch for classes returning in 2024.  There are several variations of Hunter Education Classes available. While some 2-day Conventional classes will be offered, most classes will focus on the completion of an approved online course, followed by an ODFW hands-on Field Day at FCGC.  All classes will culminate with the ODFW Field Day. Sign up on the ODFW website by clicking the ODFW banner.

Questions regarding upcoming classes:


            Phone: (503) 947-6000

Things to know

The students are required to shoot as a part of the course. They will be shooting .22 rifles in the class.

  • Firearms and ammunition are provided by ODFW.
  • Hearing and eye protection are required while on the range and are also provided by ODFW.

Prior to Live Fire exercises, the students will receive instruction on the following:

  • Different types of firearms (rifles and shotguns)
  • Their safety features
  • How to properly load and unload them
  • How to safely handle, carry, and transport firearms

In addition to shooting and safe gun handling practices, students will receive instruction in:

  • Responsibilities and ethics
  • Types and causes of gun accidents
  • Game identification and management principles

As part of the revised Conventional classes, time will be devoted to archery and black powder firearms, as well as discussing/demonstrating survival skills.

When available, an OSP Game Officer will attend to talk with the students.

At the end of the Field Day, students must successfully pass an ODFW written examination. Upon successful completion of the test, and having demonstrated safe handling and use of firearms during the Field Day, students will be awarded a temporary Hunter Safety Education Card. The permanent card will be mailed to the student within 60 days. Those under 18 will also receive a free certificate to sight in a firearm at FCGC’s annual sight in service in September.

For additional information on youth and hunter education programs with ODFW click HERE.

To view the ODFW registration page click HERE.

Junior Shooters Compete in Junior Olympic State Championships

Two shooters from the Colonel Allison Junior Rifle Club competed in the Junior Olympic State Championship at Tri-County gun club over the weekend of March 13th and 14th.  Both air rifle and .22 were shot over the two days.  In air rifle Kenzi shot a personal best 97 on the second target.  To provide some perspective, take a look at the target to the right.  The bullseye is not a circle, it is a dot!  This is shot a 10m (33 feet) and takes and amazing amount of concentration.  Fellow shooter Will posted solid scores as well (note the electronic scoring on the left).  Congrats to the CAJRC team!