Four Corners Rod and Gun Club

Salem's Premier Shooting Club

Open, safe shooting, low key events weekly, and fun for everyone

Four Corners Rod & Gun Club is a membership based range.  Many of our events are open to the public for a small fee.  Click on the membership tab or button above for more information.  We are still accepting new members.

A Place to Shoot

Have access to a private range nearly every day of the year.  Numerous events are open to public each month.  Check out the CALENDAR page for upcoming shoots.

Something for Everyone

From an indoor 50 foot range for rimfire .22 out to 200 yards for your rifles, Four Corners has something for everyone.  Fun shoots each week are a great place to practice and meet other shooters.  We have an active youth program and special events for women as well.  The facility has three ranges for firearms, a known distance archery range and a season 3D archery field. 

Safety First

With rules that emphasize safety, we want everyone to have a fun and safe experience at the club.  New member's orientation helps shooters start off right.  


All Range Closure - Planned Power Outage

Wednesday, May 11th 8:00am - 3:00pm

The area will be experiencing a planned power outage on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, from 8:00am until a planned time of 3:00pm. 

All ranges and access will be closed during this time. 


Currently Closed - Watch for Additional Information

As you have noticed the club has been working on the Indoor (.22 rimfire) Range for the past several weeks.  During the process we have found additional improvements to help keep members safer and make for a better shooting experience.  Unfortunately, these will take longer than initially expected causing an extended range closure. 

We are working to reopen the range as soon as possible with the help of many of our volunteers.  Some of the work is beyond the scope that we can do with in-house labor and we are working with vendors to assist with these tasks.

We will be posting update when available along with updated procedures for range use.  We are looking forward to a Grand Re-Opening as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.  Remember all .22 rimfire firearms can use all distances at the Short Range and rifles can shoot at the Lower Range.

Remember to Check the Calendar for Event Cancellations

Please remember to check the calendar for cancellations for events.  We have had a few due to illness and other conditions.  The indoor range will be closed for maintenance as well. 

Featured Club Activities & News

Clay Bird Shooting Classes

 Sunday, May 15th from 1:00pm - 3:00pm

This training class will teach you the fundamental of shooting clay birds and how to use the clay thrower located on the lower range. Bring a Shotgun and ammo.  No shot larger than 7 ½ and no steel shot. The cost is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.  The club will supply the clay birds.   Workshops will be held at the lower range clay bird thrower.   If you have any questions please contact Secretary@fcgc.info

Photo ID Badges are Coming for Club Members - NEW DATES

Photo Workshops - Friday, May 13th 8:00am - noon & Saturday, May 14th 2:00pm - 4:00pm


Four corners Rod & gun club will be implementing picture badges and eliminating the paper badge you have received in past years.  Why are we changing to picture id cards? To save money and tighten our security around the club.  The cost to produce the paper badges in the past was costing the club $3,000.00 per year. So, we are looking forward to the cost savings, so we can use that money towards improving our club in other ways.  Our goal is to have every member with picture ID by renewal deadline 2023.


Here is how we are going to transition and achieve this goal.

Over the next 12 months, we are going to print your picture on your current gate cards. We will be setting up monthly workshops for members and associate member spouses to come to the club and get their picture taken.  Any members with children associates will not need a picture gate card for their children, they will receive a standard card.  Over the next 12 months, we will post on the Four Corners Rod and Gun Club monthly electronic newsletter, the FCRGC web page, www.fourcornersgunclub.com, / www.fcgc.info, along with informational posters on the short range, indicating the dates and times of the workshops, so you can come to the club and get your gate card changed to a picture ID badge.


  Any questions Please email: secretary@fcgc.info



David Kopecky

Secretary Four Corners Rod & Gun Club

Open Education Foundation Position

There is currently an opening on the Educational Foundation Board for the position of Director at Large.  Per the Ed Foundation bylaws, we will be appointing someone to this position at the June meeting.  The Foundation helps facilitate training at the club for members and the community including NRA classes, the Colonel Alison Junior Rifle Club, Hunter Education and other training opportunities.    Anyone interested in the position please submit a brief document regarding your interest and experience along with what you would bring to help continue the efforts of the Foundation.  Please sent this information or request any additional information with the Foundation Secretary Will Funk.

Passing of Club Member Bob Stout

We received word that Four Corners member #4 Bob Stout, also known as “Pony Bob” passed on Sunday the 10th of April.   Bob Stout was one the founding members of Four Corner’s Rod and Gun Club and Willamette Long rifle’s (WLR) muzzleloader club.

For several decades, Pony Bob was well known as “the best” across the Pacific Northwest’s muzzleloader community, he won more matches and mountain man of the year awards than any Buckskinner we knew!

Bob was always humble about his winning skills, he would often say that he just got lucky, and give you an encouraging word that your turn at luck would be next. In 1989 Pony Bob won the 1st annual WLR Bull of the Woods trophy, a rifle, pistol, shotgun and hawk and knife aggregate score competition, and then won it 9 more times, more than any other person to date. Bob was also the expert when you needed advice for repairs on a muzzleloader, he built several of his own rifles in his well-stocked shop which kept him busy until his health declined several years ago. His encouraging words and helpful heart will be sorely missed by all.


Eagle Keeper

Range Use Survey for Members

 The club is seeking to learn more about the range use for the members.  This will help the club best allocate resources for projects and improvements.  We want to hear from members, even if you only use the range a few times a year or are there every week.  There are printed forms available at each range along with  a box to place your survey form.  

If you would like to download a PDF form that can either be filled in on the computer or printed and filled out click the "FORM" button below.  If you would like to attach your completed form and send via email, click on the "SEND EMAIL" button and attach the completed form.  If you are a member please take a moment to complete the form.

New Gate Code System for Events is Active

Effective this month, all non club members entering the club for our discipline shoot or other events will need to use a gate code for entry.  The code will be provided by the discipline director or other person in charge of the event.  This new policy will help keep the club more secure while still providing access for non-members for our many events open to the public.  If you are not a member of the club and would like to attend one of our shoots, please check the CONTACT page of the website for more information about how to contact the discipline director; additional information may also be located on the CALENDAR page.

Recent Shoot Reports

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This month's Hunter Rifle departed from the usual course of fire to add PPC's (pistol caliber carbines) and even handguns.  The shoot was done as two teams that were evenly…

Team Shotgun - New Year's 2022

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November Limpy’s Memorial Meat Shoot report

This year’s meat shoot only had 3 shooters so we didn’t shoot a trail and went straight to working on blasting apart the Schutzen and then string cuts. Both targets proved to be…

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

As the shooters gathered at the Short Range on the morning of August 28, 2021 for the scheduled “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” Movie Theme Shoot the props for the shoot had…

Top Shot 2021

Sometime back in the 80's when hair was big and Miami Vice was playing on our (non-big screen) TV's, the club had a shooting decathlon of sorts.  Thanks to Neil D. and the help…

Independence Day 2021 Shoot

July 4th, Independence Day, and what better way to celebrate than with breakfast and a shoot.  And so it was for the dozen shooters who arrived at the Lower Range on the morning…


For general club information please include your name and contact information below.  Go to the CONTACT US page to reach a specific person (Executive Committee member, Education Foundation board, Match Directors, Range Masters, CAJRC, Pistol Team or Webmaster.