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UPDATE 5/29/20

Beginning Saturday, 5/30/20 the club is open for nearly complete normal operations.  ALL RANGES ARE OPEN AND THE HOURS ARE PER USUAL CLUB POLICY (seven days a week, 8:00am until the lights come on, 10:00pm for the indoor range.  Scheduled shoots / events start up in June.  For now the shooting events posted on the calendar are for members only.  Please contact the discipline contact to confirm space for with any questions.  The calendar will be posted shortly.  Below the the few current limitations and important details:

General Range Rules Modifications

  •     Everyone must maintain a minimum distance of no less than six (6) feet from other persons.
  •     Only one person per bench / shooting position (immediate family members from the same household may share a bench)
  •     Guests must be family members from the same household
  •     Recommend brining your own personal covering (i.e. blanket, towel) for the benches / firing positions (carpet has been removed for sanitation purposes)
  •     There will be some sanitation material available but please do not rely on this.  As you know, we do not have full time staff at the range.  It is recommended that you bring your equipment to stay safe.

There will no general membership meeting in June.  

Lower Range:

The lower range has been returned to normal operations with the traditional range rules.  There are no longer firing points for short range pistol use.  

Short Range:

The short range will have limited and marked firing points in order for the club to remain compliant.  There are two positions at 10 yard area and three positions at 25 yard sections.  The 50 yard range is open, and firing is only permitted where an X is marked on the floor with blue tape. The two shooting benches are open, and shooters must stay more than 6 feet apart.  It is very important that all markings be obeyed if the short range is to remain in use.  

Indoor Range:

The indoor range is now open.  Please keep a safe distance from others.  Firing points will be marked.

Archery Range:

The archery range will be open as usual with members using 6 feet of social distancing.  


Special Notice for 3-Gun / Defensive Gunning / Shotgun Drag Races:

Shoots have resumed.  These events usually fill up and we will need to consider the number of people who can attend these events.  Please contact the discipline director to save your spot at the shoot.  Walk ups will not be able to shoot once a safe capacity is reached.  

Featured Club Activities & News

Work Parties and Club Improvements

Thanks to all who came out to help at the work party on September 27th.  There is lots of work that gets done at these along with even more behind the scenes when nobody is looking.  Next time you are at the club check out the new benches at the 50 yard line on the short range.  They help for both rifle shooting and to keep the social distancing requirements we maintain at the club.   Watch the calendar for future opportunities to help keep your club looking and functioning great.

B-17 Alliance Dedicates Sign to Ole Olson

The B-17 Alliance Foundation at McNary field in Salem is dedicating a sign to honor Ole for his work and dedication to the "Lacey Lady" B-17 restoration project.  Ole and Corrine built 13 replica 50 caliber machine guns for the flying fortress along with many other duties.  The ceremony will be a the airport on Saturday, October 24th at 1:00pm.   A reception will follow at the B-17 Restoration and Museum site at 3278 25th St. SE. For a flyer click on the following: 

PDF             MSWord

NRA Basic Pistol Class in October

The club, through the Education Foundation, is hosting an NRA basic pistol class.  The classroom portion of the course will be on Saturday, October 31st with the live fire following on Sunday morning, November 1st on the short range.  Both members and non-members are allowed to attend this course so if you know someone who has recently purchased a handgun and could benefit from a strong foundation please share the information about the course.  Additional information is located on the calendar and to sign up or for information click HERE for a link to the NRA site.  The cost for the class is $60.  Please contact Will at info@fcgc.info with any questions.     

No Sight In, No Problem Member Breakfast

 Thanks to all who turned out to enjoy some time with their fellow members and enjoy some of the good cooking from the chefs.  Bucky the running buck didn't stand a chance either as members took turns at the moving mammal at 100 yards.  For more photos click HERE

A new way the club will be communicating

Beginning soon the club will be rolling out two new ways we will be communicating with members.  For everyone opting in on the membership renewal form and including an email address, we will be launching a monthly electronic newsletter.  This will allow to update members on new events, new shoots and other activities.  The club will also be able to make immediate announcements regarding changes in events, range openings and temporary closures.  If you did not include your email on the renewal form (or if it has changed) we will post a link for you to update this shortly

We will also be adding a quarterly mailed newsletter with similar information.  This will allow those who are not online to stay in the loop.  Keep checking back for details.

Recent Shoot Reports

Defensive Gunning 8/16/20

One shy of 20 shooters in two groups took turns hitting steel and paper.  Four unique stage challenged the competitors.  The longer final stage was shot twice, allowing…

Defensive Gunning 7/19/20

Sixteen shooters spent a Sunday morning challenging themselves on five different stages, testing speed and accuracy, with defensive handguns and pistol caliber carbines (PCC’s).…

4th of July, 2020 Pistol Shoot

In addition to the awesome BBQ from Bob at the Sight Inn, we also had a pistol shoot on the 4th of July.   Stages were shot at 50 yards (slow fire ) and 25 yards (for timed and…

Defensive Gunning 6/21/20

Fourteen shooters attended the five stage defensive gunning shoot.  Five opted for pistol caliber carbines and the remainder for iron sighted handguns secured under a cover…

Centerfire Defender Pistol 1/25/20

A good turnout for this month's shoot with 18 total taking their turn.  The top three included: Tim D.        496 Neil D.        486 Doug H.    476 Several others shooters were…

Rimfire Steel Challenge - January 12, 2020

This speed steel match featured 50 rounds with both rimfire rifles and pistols.  At 10 yards five targets of various sizes were targeted with the pistol, a mixture of small steel…

Open shooting, low key events weekly, and fun for everyone

Four Corners Rod & Gun Club is a membership based range.  Many of our events are open to the public for a small fee.  Click on the membership tab or button above for more information.

A Place to Shoot

Have access to a private range nearly every day of the year.  Numerous events are open to public each month.  Check out the CALENDAR page for upcoming shoots.

Something for Everyone

From an indoor 50 foot range for rimfire .22 out to 200 yards, Four Corners has something for everyone.  Fun shoots each week are a great place to practice and meet other shooters.  We have an active youth program and special events for women as well.

Safety First

With rules that emphasize safety, we want everyone to have a fun and safe experience at the club.  New member's orientation helps shooters start off right.


For general club information please include your name and contact information below.  Go to the CONTACT US page to reach a specific person (Executive Committee member, Education Foundation board, Match Directors, Range Masters, CAJRC, Pistol Team or Webmaster.