Four Corners Rod and Gun Club

Salem's Premier Shooting Club

Open, safe shooting, low key events weekly, and fun for everyone

Four Corners Rod & Gun Club is a membership-based range.  Click on the membership tab or button above for more information.  

A Place to Shoot

Have access to a private range nearly every day of the year.  Check out the CALENDAR page for upcoming shoots.

Something for Everyone

From an indoor 50 foot range for rimfire .22 out to 200 yards for your rifles, Four Corners has something for everyone.  Fun shoots each week are a great place to practice and meet other shooters.  We have an active youth program and special events for women as well.  The facility has three ranges for firearms, a known distance archery range and a season 3D archery field. 

Safety First

With rules that emphasize safety, we want everyone to have a fun and safe experience at the club.  New member's orientation helps shooters start off right.  


October Calendar Posted on Calendar Page

Short Range Closed, Monday, October 9, 2023 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Thank You Sight in Service Volunteers

Thank you to all our members who helped out during Sight in Service this year.  We can't provide the service without help from all of you.  Thanks also to everyone who attended and we wish you the best for a successful season.

Handgun Foundations Clinic each Month

Next Date, Monday, October 23rd, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Four Corners Rod & Gun Club Educational Foundation hosts a workshop covering the importance of safe gun handling and the foundations of marksmanship on the fourth Monday of each month.  There is no cost for the workshop, which is open to members and non-club members.  Advance sign-up is required and there is still some space for the October workshop.  Contact Will at info@fcgc.info for additional information or to save your space in the class.  

3D Archery Targets are Still Up

We are still having some nice days, perfect for tuning up your bows for the season or just going out and enjoying a day in the field.  Both the fixed distance and 3D ranges are up and running.  We still have some time before the rain hits and the (foam) animals hibernate for the season.  We are not sure if Oregon is issuing velociraptor tags this season but if they do, we have one to practice on.  

There is Still Sunshine

Perfect Time to Shoot Some Clays

Remember, the target thrower is open year-round but especially nice to use over the nice (dry) summer months.  Bring your own clays and lead shot, 7 1/2 size or smaller (meaning 8, 8 1/2, or 9 shot), and have some fun.  The machine can toss doubles as well.  There are also multiple organized clay shoots each month, some on weekends and others on weekdays.  Check out the calendar for additional information, dates, and times.

Recent Shoot & Event Reports

Ed Foundation & Armed Woman of America Group Assist with Facility Work

A group from the Salem Chapter of the Armed Women of America and board members from the Educational Foundation are working to refurbish the club building used by the Foundation…

4th of July 2023 Shoot

Thanks to a morning start the 4th of July Military Rifle shooters were able to beat the heat while engaging targets from 50 to 100 yards.  There was a great assortment of…

February 2023 Muzzleloader Pistol Shoot Report

We had four shooters this month, we shot our double ring buffalo targets with pistols at a challenging 25 yards 1st place Jim Miller 64 1X 2nd place Carl Johnson 59 3rd place…

Lever Gun Shoot 2/18/23

Taking advantage of an opening on the schedule, we decided to try something new, a lever gun only "action" style shoot.  Levers were loading a variety of cartridges from .22…

December Muzzleloader Shoot

We 2 shooters shooting pistols and 2 shooting rifles, both pistols and rifles shot the same targets 1 shots each at 9 swinging metal targets and a second shot at any of the sets…

October Muzzleloader Report

Match director Larry Keller AKA Eagle Keeper found some interesting National Muzzleloader National Rifle and Mike Fink targets buried deep in the shack that haven’t been used in…


For general club information please include your name and contact information below.  Go to the CONTACT US page to reach a specific person (Executive Committee member, Education Foundation board, Match Directors, Range Masters, CAJRC, Pistol Team or Webmaster.