Four Corners Rod and Gun Club

Salem's Premier Shooting Club

Open, safe shooting, low key events weekly, and fun for everyone

Four Corners Rod & Gun Club is a membership based range.  Many of our events are open to the public for a small fee.  Click on the membership tab or button above for more information.  We are still accepting new members.

A Place to Shoot

Have access to a private range nearly every day of the year.  Numerous events are open to public each month.  Check out the CALENDAR page for upcoming shoots.

Something for Everyone

From an indoor 50 foot range for rimfire .22 out to 200 yards for your rifles, Four Corners has something for everyone.  Fun shoots each week are a great place to practice and meet other shooters.  We have an active youth program and special events for women as well.  The facility has three ranges for firearms, a known distance archery range and a season 3D archery field. 

Safety First

With rules that emphasize safety, we want everyone to have a fun and safe experience at the club.  New member's orientation helps shooters start off right.  


Club Elections are Coming in February

Candidates Q & A Forum on Sunday, January 30th

Elections are coming in February at the monthly membership meeting.  There will be a meet and greet for all the candidates on Sunday, January 30th in the Short Range building from 1:00pm - 3:00pm for members to talk with those running for positions and discuss their direction for the club into the future.  Elections will be at the meeting on Tuesday, February 1st.  The meeting begins at 7:30pm and all members are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Each primary member can vote in person (associate members are welcome to attend but may not vote per the bylaws).  The names of those running for office are currently on the board in the Short Range building.  If you are interested in running for a position it is not too late and you are welcome to add you name to the board for the position you are interested in running for. 

Featured Club Activities & News

A Special Hunter Rifle "Drag Race" for February

On Saturday, February 5th there will be a special edition of the Hunter Rifle shoot.  In this event, shooters will use rifles, pistol caliber carbines (PCC's) and handguns.  This event promises to be a unique opportunity to mix long guns and handguns in a head to head shoot.  Click HERE to download a flyer for the event with details regarding round counts and start times.  Mark your calendar for this special event!  Contact Manny for additional details and check out the Hunter Rifle shoot information each month.  Manny has been adding great segments to the shoots including the running buck and other challenging stages.

NRA CCW Class - February 5th & 6th

Four Corners Gun Club is hosting an NRA CCW, concealed handgun class in February.  This workshop goes beyond the basics of most CHL or concealed handgun license classes, so even if you are a current CHL permit holder you still may want to consider the course.  Topics include firearm safety, defensive handgun skills, clearing malfunctions and reloading, carry modes / drawing from concealment and mindset for the concealed carry lifestyle.  In addition, there is a shooting portion for this class that follows the NRA curriculum.  Students passing the workshop will be able to show they completed coursework in these areas and passed a standardized firearms qualification. 


This is an extensive class so if you are seeking the easy road to a CHL permit, this might not be your best option.  However, if you desire a deeper understanding of the above topics while learning in a small group (eight students maximum) this may be the class for you.  Saturday will consist of classroom and skill building with Sunday morning on the range.  Please feel free to contact us for additional details by emailing HERE. To sign up for the class on the NRA website click HERE. The cost of the class is $100, $80 for members (and associate members) of Four Corners Rod & Gun Club.

New Gate Code System for Events is Active

Effective this month, all non club members entering the club for our discipline shoot or other events will need to use a gate code for entry.  The code will be provided by the discipline director or other person in charge of the event.  This new policy will help keep the club more secure while still providing access for non-members for our many events open to the public.  If you are not a member of the club and would like to attend one of our shoots, please check the CONTACT page of the website for more information about how to contact the discipline director; additional information may also be located on the CALENDAR page.

Recent Shoot Reports

Team Shotgun - New Year's 2022

The shotgun verses shoot, lining up shooters up against each other while shooting identical courses to see who finishes first, is held several times each year.  We have been…

November Limpy’s Memorial Meat Shoot report

This year’s meat shoot only had 3 shooters so we didn’t shoot a trail and went straight to working on blasting apart the Schutzen and then string cuts. Both targets proved to be…

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

As the shooters gathered at the Short Range on the morning of August 28, 2021 for the scheduled “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” Movie Theme Shoot the props for the shoot had…

Top Shot 2021

Sometime back in the 80's when hair was big and Miami Vice was playing on our (non-big screen) TV's, the club had a shooting decathlon of sorts.  Thanks to Neil D. and the help…

Independence Day 2021 Shoot

July 4th, Independence Day, and what better way to celebrate than with breakfast and a shoot.  And so it was for the dozen shooters who arrived at the Lower Range on the morning…

Dale Basl Memorial Bowling Pin Shoot

Ten participants showed up at the short range on the morning of June 26, 2021 to celebrate the memory of member Dale Basl by participating in the Dale Basl Memorial Bowling Pin…


For general club information please include your name and contact information below.  Go to the CONTACT US page to reach a specific person (Executive Committee member, Education Foundation board, Match Directors, Range Masters, CAJRC, Pistol Team or Webmaster.