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Special Notice for 3-Gun / Defensive Gunning / Night Shoots:

These events usually fill up quickly and we will need to consider the number of people who can attend these events.  Please contact the discipline director to save your spot at the shoot.  Walk ups will not be able to shoot once a safe capacity is reached.   Check Calendar for contact information.

Click on month for downloadable PDF calendar:

September (MS Word) September (PDF)

October (MS Word)  October (PDF)

Click on items in calendar for more details.  Events on calendar beyond the following month are tentative until approved by Executive Committee.  

Monthly Shoot  / Discipline General Information

For each shoot, check the monthly calendar above for any specific requirements such as ammunition quantity, limitations on firearm type, size or optics or other information 

Defender Pistol / .22 Rimfire & Centerfire

The purpose of the Defender Pistol matches is two fold.  First, to provide shooting situations which challenge the participant’s shooting skills and provide an opportunity for them to improve their skills in such areas as rapid target acquisition and shooting accuracy within time constraints.  The second part is to provide an opportunity for each shooter to have fun while shooting.


Both rimfire (indoor range) and centerfire (short range) shoots will normally be held each month.  The course of fire will be varied each month to maintain the interest of the participants and to prevent the shoots from becoming routine or uninteresting.  In addition, the type of targets will be varied in order to keep interest up.

The cost for the defender pistol shoots is $3.00 for members $5.00 for non-members.

Contact Tim Brown for more details

Precision .22 Fun Shoot

The name says everything in evolving event, we shoot with rimfire .22's and it is fun!  Events are for both rifle and pistol, watch the calendar for details.  New stages and events are added and changed each keep in fun.  If you are seeking the keep your skills honed while not expending currently expensive and difficult to source centerfire ammo, this is a great opportunity.  And like all the other events, there is no need to practice before shooting a match; the match is practice.  Cost for the shoot is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.

Contact Sean Johnson for more details

.22 Rimfire Steel Challenge 

In the .22 rimfire challenge game the shooter faces off with either a .22 rimfire handgun and/or a .22 rimfire rifle against five or more steel targets placed at various distances and heights.  Firearms can be semi-automatics, leaver actions, revolvers, etc. as long as they meet the requirements of the particular shoot.


The shooter attempts to place shots, as directed, on each target as quickly and accurately as they can.  Each shooter has 10 rounds to shoot at the steel targets where they attempt to place their shots as rapidly and accurately as possible.  The goal is to hit the targets as directed by the match director in the least amount of time with no misses.  Time penalties are charged for each target missed or for such things as shooting targets in the wrong order.  Each shooter goes through the first round of targets five times for a total of 50 rounds fires.  After all shooters have gone through the first target stage, they move to the second target stage and shoot those targets as directed, going through those targets five times for another 50 rounds fired.  At the conclusion of each stage the shooter is allowed to toss out his/her worst time and then record the sum of his/her best four times for score for the stage.   The cost for the defender pistol shoots is $3.00 for members $5.00 for non-members.

Contact Tim Brown for more information

The Well Armed Woman

The Well Armed Woman (TWAW) helps to educate, empower and equip women shooters about self defense topics including firearms and beyond.  This is a nationwide organization that Four Corners hosts each month.  

There is a presentation each monthly session with range time following most months of the year.  New shooters are welcome.  The group offers support and assistance with firearm selection, training, equipment selection and more.  TWAW is women lead and has nearly 400 chapters across the country.  

Contact Lissa Funk for more information

3 - Gun Shoot

3-Gun is one of the most popular shooting matches in the country today, as well as at Four Corners.  If you want to move and shoot while using rifle/pistol/shotgun you are going to like this one.  These matches will test your shooting skills, shooting under pressure, around walls, barrels and other props the match director comes up with.  

These matches are are for the intermediate to advanced level shooter; we are very safety oriented and require shooters to know the NRA safety rules and have a good understanding of how to operate all three guns needed for this match.  These matches are a great way to develop some tactical shooting skills and are a lot of fun.

We require all shooters to pre-register for these matches and we like to keep these matches for members and a members guest only (currently members only due to COVID restrictions), since we have limited space and need to keep these at no more than 25 shooters.  See information on calendar for specific equipment and ammunition needed for each month's match.  General needed equipment includes holsters, magazines and pouches and something to hold shotgun shells.

The cost for this shoot is $5.00 for members $20.00 for non-members.


Contact Rick Reitz or Dean Backer for more details and to register for a match

Defensive Gunning

This shoot focus on using firearms in defensive situation.  Matches are for handguns and pistol caliber carbines (shooter use one or the other, not both) similar to 3-gun shoots.  Shooters can run optics or open sights on most matches.  

Check out the monthly information for each shoot which will include any specific equipment needs and round count for ammunition needed.  Generally bring holsters and magazine pouches for the match.  With no firearms transitions, this can be a good step for shooters looking to get into action gunning sports including 3-gun.


We require all shooters to pre-register for these matches and we like to keep these shoots for members and a members guest only (currently members only due to COVID restrictions), since we have limited space  

The cost for this shoot is $5.00 for members $20.00 for non-members.

Contact Rick Reitz for more details

Golf Ball Shoot

This shoot takes place in the Indoor range, usually on the last Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. It is open to the general public as well as members.

We shoot two relays consisting of 50 rounds each of 22 long rifle using pistols only. Open sights can be used, but most shooters use red dot optics. Eight minutes is allowed for the 50 shots.

The targets consist of 10 golf balls and 4 tennis balls. These targets are hung from a piece of wire that allows the golf/tennis balls to be shot off when hit. If the shooter hits all the balls, then he/she moves on to a paper target.

It’s lots of fun to see the golf balls depart the wires and bounce around. It’s good practice and a great way to improve your shooting skills.  The fee for this shoot is $3.00 for members and $5.00 for non-members.

Hunter Rifle

So, you’re a hunter, and wish there was a way you could hone your hunting skills or just want to shoot your rifle(s) other than just sitting at a bench and shooting off a bag, well wish no more, we have the solution for all these situations, it's called “Hunter Rifle” and is held the first Saturday of each month, and just in case your one of those that get bored easily there are several alternatives that will challenge you each time you come out, check these out.


first off we have our standard “Hunter Rifle” matches which consist of shooting at three different distances (50, 100 and 200 yards), at the 50 and 100 yards you will shoot in three separate hunting position as you would actually hunting. The first will be three rounds standing and shooting off hand, secondly will be stand shooting off a limb (1 1/4” dowel), third you will be sitting on a log (bench) shooting off the limb, then just for fun we give you hanging tennis balls at the 50 yard line to shoot three rounds at, then just to make sure your rifle is sighted in you will shoot six rounds off a limb and three off a sand bag, which will be scored by the best three shop grouping.


First alternative we will dispose of the tennis balls at the 50 yard line and add five more rounds and shoot a total of eight rounds at 14”x14” targets on the “Running Buck” .

Second alternative will consist of shooting between 24 and 35 rounds at the 14”x14” targets in three or four relays of eight rounds per shooter. Each time the “BUCK” is sent out each shooter will fire two rounds for a total of eight rounds.  Now how's that for variety?


Make sure to check the bulletin before coming out, as we start the “Running Buck” shoot at 8:00am whereas the others start at 9:00am, check current calendar for additional information.  The cost is $3.00 for members and $5.00 for non-members.


Contact Manny Carter for more details

Black Powder 

A congenial group of men, women, & youngsters who enjoy shooting muzzle loading guns, historical re-creation, hunting, camping & sharing their interests in pre-1840 frontier skills, which built America.  We have an open and friendly shoot on the second Saturday of each month, usually at 0930 in lower range, with exceptions of our May and July off site shoots located on property near the power lines on Rock Creek rd. in Gates Oregon (Muzzle loaders only, naturally).

If you are interested in shooting black powder, Muzzle Loading Rifles, Pistols, shotguns, Buck-skinning, and or Rendezvousing, or you would just like to know what they are all about, please contact: Kathy “Sweetie Pie” Keller 503 881-7055, Larry “Eagle Keeper” Keller 503 881-8855, Del “Limpy” Lemons 503 269-5388, or Jim Miller 503 937-9113  

Contact Jim Miller for more details

Black Powder Cartridge 

More information coming

Contact Jim Miller for more details

Women's Shoot 

Another opportunity for women shooters to come to the range.  This shoot is open to all women shooters (including non club members).  Emphasis is on safety, getting familiar with your handgun and improving.  The range location is seasonal with shooting inside the .22 range for rimfire handguns only from late fall to early spring.  Once the weather warms a bit and begins to dry out we move to the outdoor range were all handguns can be used, from .22s to centerfire pistols.  (Remember, associate member spouses are permitted to use the primary member's gate card for entry to the club.)  The cost for the shoot is $2.00 for members and $4.00 for non-members.

Contact Dean Backer for more details

Old Timers

Join some of our seasoned club members for a morning of coffee, donuts and possibly even some shooting.  The group meets in the short range on the third Wednesday of the month.  Bring whatever you would like to shoot

Contact Carl Barner for more details

Pistol Silhouette (Currently not scheduled)

Targets in the pistol silhouette events consist of metal chickens set at 25 yards, javalina (pigs) set at 50 yards, turkeys set at 75 yards and rams set at 100 yards.  In the .22 pistol silhouette targets are 3/8 scale duplicates of their full size high power rifle target counterparts.  In the centerfire pistol events they are 1/2 scale.  All shooting is done off-hand and each shooter fires one round at each of the ten animals in front of them and then moves to their next shooting position and shoots ten more until they have fired ten rounds at each of the four shooting position for a total of forty rounds fired.  Each shooter goes through the targets twice for a total of eighty rounds fired. 

Contact Tim Brown for more details.

Clays Shoots

During spring, summer and early fall with good weather, the club hosts two or more clays shoots each month.  These shoots bring a mixture of the elements of sporting clays, trap, skeet and five stand to challenge shooters.  The shoot is held on the lower range.  Shooters must use lead shot (no steel) of sizes between 7 1/2 to 9.  These events are great practice for bird hunting.  Between 50 and 75 shells are needed for each shoot.  The cost for the shoots are $6 for members and $10 for non-member which includes the cost of the clays.