Four Corners Rod & Gun Club Range Rules

Recent changes to the range rules will appear in red.                             Last updated on: October 1, 2019


The following rules for Four Corners Rod & Gun Club are in place to assure the safety of members, guests and the surrounding community. Any violation of these rules may result in cancellation of Four Corners Rod & Gun Club membership in accordance with the club By-Laws.




1.           Club members, while on club property, shall clearly display membership identification at all times.


2.           Range keys/cards will not be loaned to non-spouse associate members or non-members.


3.               Guests must sign in on the Guest Liability Waver form each time they visit and they must wear clearly visible guest identification. If the guest is underage, the adult responsible for them must sign in for them. Members are strongly encouraged to have the parent or guardian of an underage guest also be in attendance to sign the Guest Liability Waiver form. The club member is responsible for the actions of the guest and they must be closely supervised by the member. To provide proper supervision, no more than two (2) guest shooters of any one member may be at the firing line at any given time; guests may only shoot when the club member is not shooting; guests may not handle firearms when the member is not present; and members and their guests may not split up to go to separate ranges. 


4.           Eye and hearing protection is required for all persons in the shooting area of all firearm ranges.  Persons without eye and hearing protection on the firearm ranges, and all non-shooting persons on any range, must remain outside of the shooting area (i.e. on the Indoor Range and the Short range inside the classroom/meeting area; on the Lower Range behind the range fence or in the Cook Shack building; and on the Archery Range on the benches at the back of the shooting walkway).


5.           Persons under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or drugs are not allowed on club property. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or illicit drugs allowed on club property.


6.           Shooting hours:

              a.            Indoor range: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

              b.           Lower range and Short range: 8:00 am (or when red lights turn off after 8:00 am) until the red lights turn on.

              c.            Archery range: 8:00 am to 10:00pm using the range lights as needed.


7.           Actions on all firearms must be open at all times except when on the firing line or encased.


8.           All firearms are to be unloaded except when on the firing line. Concealed firearms may be carried loaded by persons possessing an Oregon Concealed Handgun License (CHL). Holders must comply with State law and the firearm must not be visible or apparent.


9.           When going down range, each person shall make sure that the cease-fire horn/buzzer and flashing red lights, or other cease fire signal, nearest them is activated. This is to prevent any one person from ending a cease-fire before all down range persons have returned. All persons not going down range during a cease-fire must remain behind the yellow line, or outside the shooting area. No firearms may be handled on the range during a cease-fire.


10.         No firing from in front of the red firing line.


11.         Shoot down range only. Do not shoot across any range or the club boundaries.


12.         Shoot only at paper targets placed in club furnished target frames and holders. The Executive Committee must approve shooting at other than paper targets. Paper target size must not exceed the height of the target frame. All targets must be placed so projectiles hit the backstop or berm.


13.         Rifles are restricted to no more than ten (10) rounds. Handguns are restricted to no more than ten (10) rounds.


14.         The shooting of all firearms must start with gun in hand. All shooting must be deliberate controlled aimed fire. No handgun working from the holster.


15.         No slide, bump, or full automatic fire allowed on Four Corners Rod & Gun Club property.


16.         The firing of armor piercing or tracer ammunition is prohibited.  This includes steel core ammunition.


17.         Muzzle loading arms must be kept unloaded until actually ready to fire. Cap-lock arms will not be capped and flintlocks will be kept with frizzen in the forward position until the firearm is on the firing line and pointed down range.


18.         No shooting at the short range during General and Executive Committee meetings and classes without Executive Committee authorization. No shooting on any range during work parties and sight-in service without approval.


19.         During the entire month of September, no non-family guests as shooters are allowed except at club authorized shooting events.


20.         Pets are not allowed to run loose on club property.


21.         Clean up and police your shooting area when through shooting. Remove targets from frames, pick up empty cases/shotgun hulls, pick up any cleaning patches, put away sandbags, etc.


Rules for Specific Ranges

Short Range

  1. No centerfire rifle cartridge shooting is allowed at 10 and 25 yard ranges. Centerfire rifle cartridge shooting only allowed at 50 yard range.

Moveable Targets:

There are moveable targets placed on the 25 and 50 yard areas of the Short Range.  These targets must be used from no closer than 5 yards out to the backstop.  The moveable targets have cardboard to attach (staple) paper targets onto.  Please do not place targets any lower than the red lines on the wooden uprights.  

Evening Shooting Lights:

The 10 and 25 yard areas of the range have lights to illuminate the targets.  The switch is located on the back wall of the range.  Since the red "cease fire" light system does not operate after sundown, there are two flags mounted to the front of the benches.  Place the flags upright in their brackets during a cease fire when downrange.  All rules still apply (no gun handling or being between the yellow and red lines other than to pass through to go downrange.  Absolutely no shooting is allowed past 8:00pm.

Indoor Range

1.  Indoor range restricted to the firing of .22 rimfire ammunition only. Nothing more powerful than .22 long rifle high velocity ammunition. .22 hyper-velocity, .22 magnum, and all centerfire ammunition is prohibited.

New procedures for operation:

1.  Enter the correct door (marked enter) and make sure to make contact with the sticky mat.

2.  Turn on the lights.

3.  Make sure the window shutters on the north and south end of the building are open before shooting and closed when you leave.

4.  Turn on the switch for the expected time on the range.  This will activate the target lights and the big sucker fan.

5.  Exit the correct door and make sure to make contact with the sticky mat.

6.  No eating or drinking inside the building.

Lower Range

  1. Black powder firearms must not be fired through the barrels.
  2. Handgun shooting is restricted to 100 yards only.

Shotgun Range:

There is a clay target thrower located on the left side of the range.  Users of the main range and the shotgun range need to communicate when calling a cease fire as both sides need to stop shooting.  

Complete rules for the target thrower are posted.  No shot larger than 7 1/2 or steel shot may be used on the range.  Shoot only from the designated shooting areas (one is located on each side of the thrower).

Archery Range

  1. The discharging of any firearm on the archery range is prohibited.
  2. No broadheads or blunt-points allowed. Target/field points only.
  3. Shooting allowed only from the designated shooting walkway.
  4. No shooting or handling of bows at any time when any person in down range.
  5. Shoot only at club provided targets. The Executive Committee must approve shooting at other than club provided targets.

Night Shooting on the Short Range

The club has installed target lighting on the 10 and 25 yard areas of the Short Range. The lighting will allow shooting until 8:00pm each day during open range time. The lights illuminate the 10 yard target bank with a separate set of lighting for the 25 yard target hangers. The lights on the 25 yard side will also provide lighting for the moveable targets placed in front of the baffle located downrange as they are installed on the back side. (As a reminder, targets are NOT to be placed or hung from the baffle on any of the ranges.)


The lighting system can be activated once the light sensitive "cease fire" lights activate the red light at the Short Range. There is a switch along the back wall that turns on all the target lights. Once this is done, the normal "cease fire" light switches will no longer work.


To call a cease fire on the range, make sure everyone at the range is ready for a cease fire, has their firearms unloaded, slides locked back / bolts open and magazines removed. Shooters step back behind the yellow safety line until everyone is ready for the cease fire and to go downrange. On this is completed there are two flags mounted to the front of the benches. These flags need to be moved from the down, horizonal position and placed into the slots where they are visible along the range. (See photo for flags in deployed position.) Shooters should not be between the red and yellow lines other than to pass through just as with a standard cease fire procedure during normal hours. Once all shooters are safely back the flags are replaced into the down / horizontal positions.


Please remember: absolutely no shooting past the 8:00pm while using the lights. During months with longer days shooting with natural light may extend past 8:00pm without the lights; this is still acceptable. Also, no shooting before 8:00am on any of our ranges.  

Suggested Procedure if you observe someone not abiding by the rules.

  1. Always be courteous.
  2. Instruct the person as to the proper procedure.
  3. If that person does not comply, get their name, or some form of identification, and report it to an Executive Committee member.
  4. Never cause a confrontation.