Education Foundation

Who we are

We are the educational arm of the Four Corners Rod and Gun Club. We offer a wide variety of gun training opportunities for everyone. Regardless of your interests or your level of expertise, there is a class for you. Also immediate and direct access to the shooting center further aids in the learning experience and helps to complement and complete your training. Our instructors are all NRA Certified and our classes meet Oregon’s Requirement for a CHL. Check the calendar for upcoming events. All of our shooting events and educational programs are open to the public.

What we offer

Quality firearm training under the supervision of NRA Certified instructors.
Courses include the following:

  • NRA Basic Pistol – Phase II (As Needed/By Request)
  • Club Custom Pistol Class (COMING SOON!)
  • NRA Defensive Pistol
  • NRA Personal Protection In The Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home
  • NRA Basic Rifle
  • NRA Reloading (Pistol or Rifle)
  • And many more….

Many of our courses offer hands on live fire training which you cannot get anywhere else. This is an extra benefit over courses offered at other locations or classes taught at stores.  Some courses even include learning legal portions from an on-site/in-class lawyer. Okay, okay that may not sound super exciting to some, but the additional knowledge is immeasurable.

Whether you’re taking the course for personal protection or a CHL, then make sure you’re protecting yourself not only physically, but by learning the legal ramifications, which we cover in some trainings as well. This knowledge is crucial if you ever find yourself faced with having to exercise your right to defend yourself.

We are a Charitable Foundation

The Four Corners Rod and Gun Club Educational Foundation
is an IRS 501©(3) charitable foundation.  All of our educational, training, and public services are incorporated into the foundation. If you are interested in working with the foundation or just contributing to it’s fund, please contact the club via email or voicemail and leave your contact information.

Colonel Allison Junior Rifle Club

Competitive Shooting


CAJRC is a competitive shooting club.
We train kids, ages 12–20, in the olympic shooting disciplines in air rifle and small-bore rifle.
Our goal is for kids to get into competitions with the ability to shoot their very best.


We provide the facilities for practice and competitions, while parent-coaches donate that magical mix of leadership, safety, organization and training opportunities in which new athletes can thrive.