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All of our shoots are open to the public.

You can change what you see on the calendar using categories or tags

Message to Match Directors: If you need to cancel your shoot please call or text me by phone so I can update the event as quickly as possible. I get tons of emails every day and it is too easy to miss them in the mix of all the junk mail. My contact information is on the contact us page.

August printable calendar

September printable calendar

IR=Indoor Range, SR=Short Range, LR=Lower Range,
EFC=Education Foundation Classroom, AR=Archery Range

The printable calendar is not the most up to date information. Please make sure to check the web calendar for event updates or shoot cancellations.


Note 1:  Short range closed during Hunter Ed classes.
Note 2: 10 yard portion of range only. 25 and 50 yard ranges open for use by members.