Events Calendar

All of our shoots are open to the public.

To Contact Match Directors: If you need to get more information about a shoot, the contact information for match directors is on the contact us page.

Indoor Range Closure

The indoor range will be closed for lighting repairs on Tuesday, 2 October from 11 am to 5 pm.
Subject to the electrician getting done early, you may be able to enter sooner.
Questions please call Daryl Fitzpatrick, Executive Officer of Four Corners Rod & Gun Club.

*UPDATED* November printable calendar

March printable calendar

December printable calendar

IR=Indoor Range, SR=Short Range, LR=Lower Range,
EFC=Education Foundation Classroom, AR=Archery Range

The printable calendar is not the most up to date information. Please make sure to check the web calendar for event updates or shoot cancellations.

Note 1:  Short range closed during Hunter Ed classes.
Note 2: 10 yard portion of range only. 25 and 50 yard ranges open for use by members.