Shotgun Drag Races 1/1/2021

January 5, 2021

Three classes kept competition tight

The best way we could find to leave 2020 in the dust was to ring in 2021 with the sound of rapid fire shotguns.  This head to head shoot perfectly allows for a safe social distance between the shooters but the targets were not far enough away to avoid the danger, but not from covid.  

Sixteen ground targets of steel and wood (with some hiding behind steel poppers) waited for the shooters.  Categories for pump action and semi-auto both started empty, creating a tense pause before the steel began to fall and splinters were made of the 4x4 posts.  The open class stated with fully loaded guns / magazines, creating an instant roar at the start buzzer.  Every shooter was able to compete in at least two rounds, many stayed for the grudge matches after the main event.  In the end the final three leaders from each division finished with a shoot off.

This is an awesome event that you need little in the way of special equipment.  Sure, there is a benefit to some of the gear that facilitates quick reloads but you can run your hunting or home defense gun.  Keep an eye on the schedule for future events.  Videos to follow.

Top Three Results:

Open Class - Tim D.  /  Semiauto - Dave K.  /  Pump Action - Will F.