#notme Armed Women of America

June 7, 2024

The Salem Armed Women of American Chapter Annual #notme Shoot

For the past five years, Armed Women of America chapters (formerly The Well Armed Women) have conducted a symbolic event to stand in solidarity with other women around the county who choose to be their own self defenders.  With the points of, I am empowered, I am prepared, and I will not be a victim, women around the country take the opportunity to fire two shots at a target that symbolizes each of these concepts.  The photo at left is one of the members with her target.  It is hard to see the holes because the groups are so tight an on target.  

The Armed Women of America group shoots the first Thursday of each month (not on the 4th of July) and learns about some component of personal protection or firearms shooting and then generally moves to the range to practice.   There is also a women's shoot on the third Monday of each month at the Short Range.