March 31, 2024

March shoot had four hearty shooters on a perfect day for shooting black powder pistols and rifles. Our shooter brought a mix of black powder cartridge pistol, percussion and flintlock rifles to shoot.

We first shot our rifles and then pistols for 45 minutes each at paper targets scoring only the best of 3 offhand from the dripline at 50 yards. At 1115 we cleaned up the range, and enjoyed Kathys chili with brauts and hot dill pickles on the side. Thank you for the great lunch, Kathy!


Rifle has 30 possible points:

Larry, Bo and Nick all scored a 28; we should have scored the 4th shot for tie-breaker, and will do it next time, Chase scored a 26 with his smooth bore flintlock.


Pistol had 30 possible points:

Chase scored a 26 for first and Larry scored a 25 for second, Bo didn’t keep score with his cartridge pistol even though he loaded the shells with roundballs.


Overall winner: Larry with a 53

The next shoot is our annual Bull of the Woods on the second Saturday in April at 9:00 am.  We will be shooting Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and throw our Hawk and Knife. The winner is the highest aggregate score of all events and gets their name on the Bull of the Woods plaque.