Defensive Gunning 6/21/20

June 22, 2020

Five stages mixing speed and tactics

Fourteen shooters attended the five stage defensive gunning shoot.  Five opted for pistol caliber carbines and the remainder for iron sighted handguns secured under a cover garment to make the match more relevant to every day carry.  The stages were a mixture of steel and paper with no-shoot targets mixed in along with a variety of barricades along the courses. 


Managing ammunition and planning for reloads (or reloading quickly if you ran dry) was an important consideration during many of the stages.  This shoot tested shooters with a variety of positions from starting in a chair with a holstered firearm (for the pistols), shooting from each side of barricades and from different heights.  This shoot is a great opportunity to expand shooters beyond a “square range” mindset. 


Tim D took top honors in the pistol caliber carbine (PCC) class, winning four of the five stages (one by only .01 seconds)!  Ahmod was only about 7 seconds behind, which works to out just over a second per stage.  Tim B. pick up third with the next two places separated by only 10 seconds.  Very close.


Rick R. captured the top spot with for the handgunners followed by Kevin and Ron S less than ten total seconds behind him.  Several first time shooters joined in the fun…you should consider it next time as well. 


Photos from the event are posted on the gallery page.  Click HERE to visit the gallery.