Shotgun Drag Races 

January 6, 2020

January 1st, 2020

New Year's Day showers didn't keep away the 24 shooters for the shotgun drag races.  In this match, two shooters are lined up, firing identical courses in head to head competition.  Double eliminations allows for each shooter to fire at least two rounds.  To help equalize the match, guns begin empty before picking of the 16 targets including poppers, 4x4 wood blocks and other steel targets.  Two classes with 12 shooters each divided semi-auto from pump action guns.  

When the lead settled, Neal D. was the leader of the pump action crowd with Crystal C. topping the semi-auto shooters.  These two faced off with Neal and his pump gun knocking over the red stop plate first.  Ahmed lead the second chance group in semi-auto with Dusty taking the pump category in this group.  To see more images check out the gallery by clicking HERE