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Elections are Coming

The annual election of club officers will take place at the February 2019 General
Membership meeting. Although that may seem right now to be a long way off, it
will be here before you know it. Therefore, it is not too early to be thinking about
who you might want to manage your club in the coming year.
The officers of the club consist of the positions of President, Vice-President,
Secretary, Treasure, Executive Officer, Outdoor Range Officer, Indoor Range
Officer, and three Trustees. If you would like to be a candidate for one of these
positions, or would like to nominate an individual to be a candidate for a position,
please contact the club secretary.
Also at this time, nominations are being accepted for Member of the Year and Life
Member recognition. Recognition of any individual(s) selected by the Executive
Committee will occur at the February meeting.
These honorary awards are based on an individual’s service to the club. To be
considered for Member of the Year an individual must be a current member and
have throughout the prior year given outstanding service to the club above and
beyond the ordinary. For Life Member consideration the individual must have at
least 10 years membership in the club and throughout that time have given
sustained and substantial service to the club.
If you know of someone who should be considered for recognition, please contact
the Secretary with the individual’s name and your reasons why that individual
should be considered for recognition.

7 elusive 3D archery targets have become 10

The 3D course is now open and the targets are up and ready for use. Shooting can be done from positions closer than this designated stakes. There are now 10 targets. We have a Turkey, Javlina, Bobcat, Catalina goat, Raccoon, Skunk, Deer, Badger, Bear and a Velociraptor.

How to make your way here to all the fun!