Elections are Coming

The annual election of club officers will take place at the February 2017 General Membership meeting.  Although that may seem right now to be a long way off, it will be here before you know it.  Therefore, it is not too early to be thinking about who you might want to manage your club in the coming year.

The officers of the club consist of the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasure, Executive Officer, Outdoor Range Officer, Indoor Range Officer, and three Trustees.  If you would like to be a candidate for one of these positions, or would like to nominate an individual to be a candidate for a position, please contact the club secretary.    

Also at this time, nominations are being accepted for Member of the Year and Life Member recognition.  Recognition of any individual(s) selected by the Executive Committee will occur at the February meeting.

These honorary awards are based on an individual’s service to the club.  To be considered for Member of the Year an individual must be a current member and have throughout the prior year given outstanding service to the club above and beyond the ordinary.  For Life Member consideration the individual must have at least 10 years membership in the club and throughout that time have given sustained and substantial service to the club.

If you know of someone who should be considered for recognition, please contact the Secretary with the individual’s name and your reasons why that individual should be considered for recognition.

Rimfire Defender Pistol Shoot

It was a good turn out of shooters at the at the Indoor range on the evening of November 18, 2016 for the scheduled Rimfire Defender Pistol shoot.  As the shooters took to the firing line in front of them in the target holders were “safari” related targets – a lion, a rhino, a hippo, and an elephant.  As instructed by the match director each shooter loaded the announced number of rounds and fired at the targets in the order given – round and round and up and down, side to side, back and across, etc. – until they had gone through their first fifty rounds.  After the first round of shooting was concluded, the targets were replaced, the shot ones scored, and the shooting fun continued for another fifty rounds.  When all the targets scored, and the range cleaned up, shooting honors for the evening’s fun went to:

1st Place        Jim Garges

2nd Place       James Krehmke

3rd Place       Jim Ritts

As always, my thanks to those who came out and enjoyed the evening’s shooting fun and challenges.  And as always, those of you who stayed home missed out on a lot of shooting fun, great pistol practice, and really good fellowship.  So mark your calendars as this shoot is held every month.  Come on out and join in the fun.

Tim Brown…………Match Director


At each general membership meeting the member number of a member is drawn from the BIG barrel.  If that member is current on his/her dues and present at the meeting, then they are rewarded with money.  The amount is based on what has accumulated in the POT-OF-GOLD up to that time with a maximum of $500.00.  If they are not present then they get the crying towel.  At the November meeting, member number 2783 belonging to Jeff Henle was drawn.  He was not in attendance at the meeting and so lost out on collecting $500.00.  So Jeff it is boo hoo and the crying towel to you.  The pot for the next meeting will remain at $500.00.

Tim’s Tidbits

Once again our old world kept on a turning and the stars, sun and moon stayed in their places so here we go again.  Each month in these pages, I try very hard to find and pass on information about your rights, legislation, and the whacky things that go on around us.  Some months I find a lot to pass on and some months not so much.  But there is always something going on that is worthy of note.  So let get going.

Let’s start with this.  First, sincere thanks to all who made their preferences know by voting.  Democracy is a fragile thing and the only way it survives is through the people.  The people who invest their time and energies to keeping it alive through the vote.  Those who don’t participate are destine to live in a world which may not be to their liking – but they had their chance.  To those who did participate by voting, democracy thanks you.

Moving on along that vein.  The date was November 8, 2016 and the people of the United States and the world waited – some with hopes and some with fears – to see who the next leader of the free world would be.  As the sun rose on the morning of November 9th, it shone its light on the face of a possible new America.  An America where the freedoms and liberties envisioned by its founding fathers and written in its historic documents might again shine for all.  For the law abiding gun owners of the great country, in all reality the dawning of the new day, with the promise of its new leader, displaced the specter of continued declines in their Second Amendment rights – and in fact all their rights – from the federal level.

But let it not be said that all is well with this dawning and changing of the guard.  Let us not be lulled into the false sense that all is lollypops and roses.  There exists still the dark cloud of those who neither understand nor want a new day with its promises for its citizens.  They were happy under the old order where those at the top knew what was best for the citizens and were happy to tell them so.  And Oregon is sure one of those places where the old order with a well entrenched ruling class in the form of the Governor and the majority of the legislatures exists.  And they are more than willing to tell Oregon citizens what is best for them and how to live their lives because in their minds they know best what is good for all.

But before going forward here are some statistics from the web site gunlaws101.com to preface what follows.

State preemption:  2 states have no state preemption of local restrictions, 2 sates have partial state preemption of local restrictions, with the rest having state preemption of local restrictions.

Magazine capacity:  9 states have magazine capacity restrictions, the balance have no restrictions (yet).

Assault weapons:  5 states have assault weapons restrictions, 1 state has partial assault weapon restrictions, with the balance having no restrictions.

Permit to purchase:  3 states require a permit to purchase a firearm, 8 states have some sort of partial permit required to purchase firearms, with the balance of states having no permit required.

Firearm registration:  6 states have partial firearms registration, with the balance having none.

Owner license:  2 states require a license to own a gun, 1 has a partial owner license requirement, with the balance having no ownership license requirement.

Concealed carry:  10 states have full concealed carry, with the remainder having only partial concealed carry allowances.

These are just a few of the facts from the web site.  There are a lot more fact there by state showing just what each state has in place and what their laxness or restrictiveness is when it comes to firearms.  Of all the states west of the Mississippi, it should come as no surprise that California is the most gun unfriendly state.  In fact to add to that reputation, in the just finished election, California’s misguided voters passed a law mandating background checks on ammunition purchases.  (I can see the trucks loaded with ammo rolling across the boarder now.  Kinda reminiscent of the boot leggier days of prohibition.)

So what does all of this have to do with us here in Oregon?  Everything.  With the gun control spigot essentially shut off at the federal level, the issue moves to the state level.  Our Governor Kate Brown has made it very clear that she is “in bed” with the anti-gun folks.  She has made it no secret that she wants to restrict the sale of hi-capacity magazines, limit the transfer of firearms without a background check, and close what she sees a “loopholes” in the firearm transfer system.  In addition she has made it very clear that she wants the federal government to ban the sale and possession of “assault weapons”.  (And if she can’t get her wish, she will push for a state ban.)  You can bet your bottom dollar that she and her anti-gun cronies in the 2017 legislature will try to do everything in their power to place more restrictions on the right of the law abiding gun owners in Oregon.  And if we the law abiding gun owners don’t stand up for our rights we will lose them.  Consider yourself warned!

Ok, here is something to think about.  And maybe keep an eye on.  For the years that Obama has been President, the firearms industry has enjoyed record breaking sales and ammo has been in short supply.  Obama has been without a doubt the greatest firearms salesman in the history of the United States.  Every time he opened his mouth about gun control (he called it gun safety) gun sales went through the roof.  But with the changing of the guard to Trump, what does the future hold?  Trump is supposedly a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.  Will that calm the fears of the gun crowd and thus slow the sales of firearms and ammo?  What affect will he have on the profits of firearms companies?  Will sales decline?  Will ammo again be readily available?  Guess we will just have to stay tuned to find out what the answer will be.  It will be interesting to say the least.

Under “gun control laws always work” and make the streets safer there is this out of our neighbor to the south.  You know, that state with the most restrictive gun laws west of the Mississippi – California.  Convicted felon John Felix is accused of ambushing and killing two police officers in October using an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.  The AR was stolen and had what was describer as an extended magazine.  Not one of California’s tough gun laws worked to prevent this tragedy.  A felon still got a gun, it had an extended magazine, and he killed two police officers.  Yea, gun control laws really work – NOT.

Let’s conclude with some quotes about truth.  They seem appropriate after all we have been through over the last 16 months. 

“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”  Albert Einstein

“If you ever injected truth into politics you would have no politics.”  Will Rogers

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”  Mark Twain

“When you speak the truth, you must be prepared for the outrage from those who only believe the lies.”  Me 

Well, that is all for now.  More maybe next month if the world keeps turning and the sun doesn’t get too close to the earth.  Until then, shoot straight, keep em in the ten ring, be safe on the range, be vigilant and protective of your freedoms, and God bless the USA.

Tim Brown