Rimfire Silhouette Shoot Results

Dedicated shooters braved the relentless rain to shoot the monthly .22 Rimfire Rifle Silhouette shoot on March 18.  Despite the steady rain we shot and had a good time, and warmed up in the cook shack between relays.  

Targets for the .22 rimfire rifle silhouette match consist of metal chickens set at 40 yards, pigs set at 60 yards, turkeys set at 77 yards and rams set at 100 yards.  These distances are approximate.  The targets are both 1/5 and 3/8 scale duplicates of their full-size high power rifle target counterparts.  All shooting is done off-hand and each shooter fires one round at each of the ten animals.  The bottom row of animals first and then the top row.  The shooter then moves to their next shooting position and shoots ten more until they have fired ten rounds at each of the four shooting positions for a total of forty rounds fired.  The course of fire is then repeated after a break, for a total of eighty rounds.  

Results for this match were:

1st Place          Greg Plass

2nd Place         Dean Backer

3rd Place          Manny Carter

A special shout out to Jim Garges, one shooter (Jim) indicated he hit all the targets but only shot one relay.  Nice shooting Jim! 

In an attempt to make the match a little less changeling, because the standard rifle targets are very small; I mixed rifle and pistol targets.  The pistol targets are larger and hopefully easier to hit.    

I appreciate all those who attended and I hope to see you at the next match on April 15, at 9:30 am We can always use help setting up and taking down the targets; so if you show up early and or stay late it will make the day go faster.  Thanks to everyone who participated and a big welcome to anyone that wishes to try silhouette shooting for the first time.  I think this is a sport that is both economical and fun, due to the low price of .22 ammo and the fact that you only have to shoot 80 rounds.  Any .22 rifle will work, and the aid of good optics is always a plus.  If you have questions about equipment or ammo please ask one of the veterans, we are always eager to help.  Silhouette shooting is probably the best practice you can get for hunting, and it’s fun to hear the ‘clank’ of a critter before to falls over.

Greg Plass, Match Director

Centerfire Defender Pistol Shoot

It was a good turnout of shooters packing their open sight concealed carry type handguns at the Short range on the morning of March 25, 2017, for the scheduled Centerfire Defender Pistol Shoot.

At the ten yard line in front of each shooter were three targets consisting of a small silhouette with two playing cards on it, a cardboard strip with three playing cards, and a large silhouette with three playing cards on it.  The targets were hung from strings so the moved in the morning breeze.  Here each shooter laid out eight rounds, loaded four, and fired at the cards as instructed by the match director, then they reloaded and fired their remaining four rounds at the remaining four cards.

Then each shooter moved to the twenty-five-yard line their remaining seventeen rounds of ammo.  Here they had in front of them seven steel targets, one bowling pin target, and a paper square.  Here each shooter loaded and fired at the steel targets and the bowling pin target as instructed.  If they successfully got all those targets they rounded off any ammo they had remaining into the paper square.  Each shooter went through the program twice for a total of 50 rounds fired.


After all of the total bullet hits were counted, shooting honors for this event went to:

1st Place       James Krehmke

2nd Place     Tim Delgrosso

3rd Place      Doug Harp

As said many times, my thanks to all those who came out, helped with setup and tear down, and took part in this fun shooting event.  And has also said many times, those who stayed away missed out on a lot of shooting fun and great pistol practice.  So mark your calendars and come on out and give this fun shoot a try.

Tim Brown…………Match Director

Centerfire Pistol Silhouette Shoot

It was a very nice sunny morning as the shooters arrived and set up of the steel animal targets was completed at the Lower Range on the morning of March 19, 2017 for the scheduled Centerfire Pistol Silhouette shoot.  The targets in the centerfire pistol silhouette event consist of metal chickens set at 25 meters, javalina (pigs) set at 50 meters, turkeys set at 75 meters and rams set at 100 meters.  The targets are 1/2 scale duplicates of their full size high power rifle target counterparts.  Each shooter, when their turn came, took their centerfire handgun and forty rounds of lead bullet ammo to the line and fired ten shots from each of the four shooting positions in an attempt to knock over as many steel animals as they possibly could.  With each squeeze of the trigger there was either that satisfying clang of a bullet on steel and the animal toppled over, or only the sound of the shot fading away into the distance and the animal still standing tall.  That is what makes silhouette shooting so much fun.  There is no waiting for a target to be recovered and checked before you get your score.  You know in an instant whether of not you made that good shot.  Each shooter made two rounds through the animals for a total of eighty rounds fired during the event.

When the shooting was over and the animals toppled from their stands were tallied, shooting honors for the morning’s fun went to:

1st Place          Tim Delgrosso

2nd Place         Tim Brown

3rd Place          Jim Krehmke

As always, my thanks to those who came out and enjoyed this fun and challenging steel toppling event.  And as always, as has been said before, silhouette shooting – whether shot with a rifle or a handgun – is not only fun and challenging but will definitely improve you shooting abilities.  And you don’t have to be a crack shot with a fancy gun to get started.  All you have to be is willing to give it a try.  So grab your shootin’ iron and come on out and join in.  The fun will be waiting for you.

Tim Brown…………Match Director

Rimfire Defender Pistol Shoot Scores

It was a full house turn out of shooters at the at the Indoor range on the evening of

March 14, 2017 for the scheduled Rimfire Defender Pistol shoot.  As the shooters took to the firing line and looked at the targets in front of them they found three colored paper bulls-eye targets and one 11 bull target.  As instructed by the match director each shooter loaded the announced number of rounds and fired at the targets in the order given – round and round and up and down, side to side, back and across, etc. – until they had gone through their first fifty rounds.  Each time they came to the 11 bull target they had to remember where they had shot before as, except for one bull, there could be only one bullet hole in any bull for score.  After the first round of shooting was concluded, the targets were replaced, the shot ones scored, the range light turned out, and the shooting fun continued for another fifty rounds in the dimly lit range.  When all the targets scored, and the range cleaned up, shooting honors for the evening’s fun went to:

1st Place        Allen Freeman

2nd Place       Jim Garges

3rd Place       Tim Brown

As said so many times before, my thanks to those who came out and enjoyed the evening’s shooting fun and challenges.  And as said an equal number of times before, those of you who stayed home missed out on a lot of shooting fun, great pistol practice, and really good fellowship.  So mark your calendars as this shoot is held every month.  Come on out and join in the fun.

Tim Brown…………Match Director