Centerfire Defender Pistol Scores Epilogue

It was another good turnout of shooters at the Short range on the morning of January February 25, 2017, for the scheduled Centerfire Defender Pistol Shoot.

At the ten yard line in front of each shooter was single target frame with stick-ons representing the vital parts of the human anatomy – the heart, the brain, and the guts.  Here each shooter laid out ten rounds, loaded five, and fired at each target as instructed by the match director.  Then they loaded and fired their remaining five rounds at the targets as instructed.

Then each shooter moved to the twenty-five-yard line their remaining forty rounds of ammo.  Here they had in front of them four bulls-eye targets and a silhouette target representing a lovely young lady with purple hair being held hostage by a bad guy.  Here each shooter loaded five rounds and fired at the bad guy and then the bulls-eye targets as instructed.  They repeated the process of loading and shooting five rounds as instructed until all forty rounds had been expended.  Any shots that hit the poor hostage cost the shooter points.  Each shooter went through the program twice for a total of 100 rounds fired.


After all the total bullet hits were counted, shooting honors for this event went to:

1st Place       Jim Garges

2nd Place     Tim Delgrosso

3rd Place      Jim Ritts

As said before, my thanks to all those who came out, helped with set-up and tear down, and took part in this fun shooting event.  And has also been before, those who stayed away missed out on a lot of shooting fun and great pistol practice.  So mark your calendars and come on out and give this fun shoot a try.

Tim Brown…………Match Director

Election Results and Awards

The annual election of club officers took place at the February 7, 2017 General Membership meeting.  From those who chose to throw their hats and hopes into the ring, the following persons were selected to direct your club in the coming year.

President Chris Alumbaugh
Vice-President Daniel Carroll
Secretary Tim Brown
Treasurer Joe McFadden
Executive Officer Daryl Fitzpatrick
Outdoor Range Officer Bob Chambers
Indoor Range Officer Rob Gibson
Trustees Bruce Reynolds
Mike Lulay
Dave Kopecky
Past President Tom Byerley

Also at the meeting awards were given out to deserving members for their service and dedication to the club.

The Chuck Weems Memorial Trophy award – granted to the member volunteering the most hours of service in the past year – was presented to Tim Brown.

Outstanding Member of the Year award – granted to a member, or members, who have throughout the year given outstanding service, above and beyond the ordinary, to the club – was presented to Mike Lulay, Dusty Freeman, Tim Taylor, Bob Chambers, Dan Radakovich, Craig Huston, and Bob Furgeson.

Life Membership – granted to a member with at least ten years membership and sustained outstanding service to the club – None this time.

Rimfire Defender Pistol Shoot Epilogue

It was good turn out of shooters at the at the Indoor range on the evening of February 14, 2017 for the scheduled Rimfire Defender Pistol shoot.  As the shooters took to the firing line and looked at the targets in front of them they realized it was to be an all “sod poodle” shoot night.  As instructed by the match director each shooter loaded the announced number of rounds and fired at the targets in the order given – round and round and up and down, side to side, back and across, etc. – until they had gone through their first fifty rounds.  After the first round of shooting was concluded, the targets were replaced, the shot ones scored, and the shooting fun continued for another fifty rounds.  When all the targets scored, and the range cleaned up, shooting honors for the evening’s fun went to:

1st Place        Jim Ritts

2nd Place       Jim Krehmke

3rd Place       Tim Brown

As said over and over, my thanks to those who came out and enjoyed the evening’s shooting fun and challenges.  And as before, those of you who stayed home missed out on a lot of shooting fun, great pistol practice, and really good fellowship.  So mark your calendars as this shoot is held every month.  Come on out and join in the fun.

Tim Brown…………Match Director

Singing or Crying

At each general membership meeting, the member number of a member is drawn from the BIG barrel.  If that member is current on his/her dues and present at the meeting, then they are rewarded with money.  The amount is based on what has accumulated in the POT-OF-GOLD up to that time with a maximum of $500.00.  If they are not present then they get the crying towel.  At the February meeting, member number 1634 belonging to Dale Basl was drawn.  He was in attendance at the meeting and so collected a check for $500.00.  So, Dale, it is whoopee and the happy towel to you.  The pot for the next meeting will remain at $500.00.