.22 Rimfire Challenge Shoot

It was a beautiful morning for “ringing the steel” as a good crowd of shooters showed up on the Short Range on the morning of April 29, 2017 for the scheduled .22 Rimfire Challenge Shoot. Each participant had with them a .22 rimfire revolver as needed for this shoot.

In the .22 rimfire challenge game the shooter faces off with either a .22 rimfire handgun and/or a .22 rimfire rifle against five or more steel targets placed at various distances and heights. Firearms can be semi-automatics, leaver actions, revolvers, etc. as long as they meet the requirements of the particular shoot. No fancy equipment is needed.

The challenge part of the .22 rimfire challenge shoot comes in as the shooter attempts to place shots, as directed, on each target as quickly and accurately as they can. Each shooter when called to the shooting line loads the set number of rounds and shoots at the steel targets as rapidly and accurately as possible. The goal is to hit the targets as directed by the match director in the least amount of time with no misses. Time penalties are charged for each target missed or for such things as shooting targets in the wrong order. Each shooter goes through the first round of targets five times. After all shooters have gone through the first target stage, they move to the second target stage, if there is one, and shoot those targets as directed, going through those targets five times. At the conclusion of each stage the shooter is allowed to toss out his/her worst time and then record the sum of his/her best four times for score for the stage.

For this shoot, at Stage 1, one by one, each shooter stepped to the 10 yard firing line and as directed loaded and fired six rounds at the steel – in this case four white painted steel targets in the shape of animals and one round white painted steel stop target. Each string of six shots was timed and penalties were assessed for target misses and other things. Each shooter went through the sequence five times for a total of 30 rounds fired.

Then it was off to Stage 2 with targets set at twenty yards. In this stage the targets consisted of two squares, two diamonds, and one round steel stop target. Here each shooter in turn loaded six rounds, shot those six, then manually reloaded another six rounds, and shot those. Again, each shooter went through the targets five times for a total of 60 rounds fired.

After all the score sheets were tallied for this shoot and the times placed into the official record, shooting honors for this event went to:

Stage 1 Stage 2 Overall

1st Place Dan Dolan 1st Place Dan Dolan 1st Place Dan Dolan

2nd Place Tim Brown 2nd Place James Krhemke 2nd Place James Krhemke

3rd Place Dean Backer 3rd Place Tim Brown 3rd Place Tim Brown

My thanks to everyone who came out to this shoot, helped set up and tear down, and had a good time making the steel targets ring. There will be another one, so for those who didn’t come out, watch the calendar for the next one. Bear this in mind; every hit on the steel makes the steel ring – a sound that brings gladness to the ears and a smile to the lips. Come on out and get your smiles on.

Tim Brown…………Match Director

.22 Rimfire Pistol Silhouette Shoot

It was a nice morning with finally no rain as set up of the range was completed and the shooters took to the line on the morning of April 16, 2017 for the scheduled .22 Rimfire Pistol Silhouette shoot.

Targets in the .22 rimfire pistol silhouette event consist of metal chickens set at 25 yards, javalina (pigs) set at 50 yards, turkeys set at 75 yards and rams set at 100 yards. The targets are 3/8 scale duplicates of their full size high power rifle target counterparts. All shooting is done off-hand and each shooter fires one round at each of the ten animals in front of them and then moves to their next shooting position and shoots ten more until they have fired ten rounds at each of the four shooting position for a total of forty rounds fired. Each shooter goes through the targets twice for a total of eighty rounds fired. What always makes the shooting of silhouettes so much fun is that there is no waiting to recover a target to see how well one did. With every round fired, there is either the clang of a hit and the animal falls from its stand, or there is nothing but the sound of the shot and a miss.

When the shooting was over and the animals knocked from their stands were tallied, honors for this shooting event went to:

1st Place Tim Delgrosso

2nd Place Jim Ritts

3rd Place Tim Brown

As always, my thanks to those who came out and enjoyed this really fun steel animals toppling event, and as always, my puzzlement over those who stayed home. Silhouette shooting is a whole lot of fun and adventure. Not to mention it can really improve your handgun shooting skills. So mark you calendars and come out and join in. There is always room for one more steel animal toppler.

Tim Brown…………Match Director

Centerfire Defender Pistol Shoot

It was good turnout of shooters on a blustery morning at the Short range on the morning of April 23, 2017 for the scheduled Centerfire Defender Pistol Shoot. This was to be a two gun shoot so each shooter arrived packing a centerfire hand gun and a centerfire rifle.

At the ten yard line in front of each shooter were three targets consisting of a small silhouette with two playing cards on it, a cardboard strip with three playing cards, and a large silhouette with three playing cards on it. The targets were hung from strings so they moved in the breeze making hitting the targets that much more challenging. Here each shooter laid out eight rounds and loaded and fired at the cards as instructed by the match director.

Then each shooter moved to the twenty-five yard line their remaining seventeen rounds of handgun ammo. Here they had in front of them the dueling tree with its six steel paddles and a target frame with a blank sheet of paper on it. Each shooter loaded and fired at the steel paddles on the tree until they hit all six or ran out of ammo. If they hit all six and still had ammo left, they shot their remaining shots into the paper target.

Then each shooter moved onto the fifty yard section of the range with their centerfire rifles and ten rounds of ammo. Here they had in front of them a silhouette target with a balloon head, a silhouette target with a balloon heart and gut, and seven clay targets handing from strings. Each shooter had to shoot the head first and then move to the heart and gut balloons and if they had ammo left over they could try their hand at breaking the clays.

Overall each shooter went through the program twice for a total of 50 rounds of handgun ammo and 20 rounds of rifle ammo fired.

After all the total bullet hits were counted, shooting honors for this event went to:

1st Place Jin Garges

2nd Place Jim Ritts and Doug Harp

3rd Place Dean Backer

As said over and over, my thanks to all those who came out, helped with set up and tear down, and took part in this fun shooting event. And has also as said over and over, those who stayed away missed out on a lot of shooting fun and great shooting practice. So mark your calendars and come on out and give this fun shoot a try.

Tim Brown…………Match Director