New Executive Officer for the club

Daryl Fitzpatrick has accepted the position of Executive Officer. He will be taking over the role in place of Bob Dozler who chose to resign. Thank you Bob for your service to the club, and thank you Daryl for accepting the nomination and position.

Centerfire Pistol Silhouette Shoot

It was a perfect morning for shooting silhouettes as the shooters arrived and set up of the steel animal targets was completed at the Lower Range on the morning of July 17, 2016 for the scheduled Centerfire Pistol Silhouette shoot. The targets in the centerfire pistol silhouette event consist of metal chickens set at 25 meters, javalina (pigs) set at 50 meters, turkeys set at 75 meters and rams set at 100 meters. The targets are 1/2 scale duplicates of their full size high power rifle target counterparts. Each shooter, when their turn came, took their centerfire handgun and forty rounds of lead bullet ammo to the line and fired ten shots from each of the four shooting positions in an attempt to knock over as many steel animals as they possibly could. With each squeeze of the trigger there was either that satisfying clang of a bullet on steel and the animal toppled over, or only the sound of the shot fading away into the distance and the animal still standing tall. That is what makes silhouette shooting so much fun. There is no waiting for a target to be recovered and checked before you get your score. You know in an instant whether of not you made that good shot. Each shooter made two rounds through the animals for a total of eighty rounds fired during the event.

When the shooting was over and the animals toppled from their stands were tallied, shooting honors for the morning’s fun went to:

1st Place Buster Watts
2nd Place Tim Brown
3rd Place Bruce Reynolds

As usual, my thanks to those who came out and enjoyed this fun and challenging steel toppling event. And as usual, as has been said before, silhouette shooting – whether shot with a rifle or a handgun – is not only fun and challenging but will definitely improve you shooting abilities. And you don’t have to be a crack shot with a fancy gun to get started. All you have to be is willing to give it a try. So grab your shootin’ iron and come on out and join in. The fun will be waiting for you.

Tim Brown…………Match Director