Centerfire defender pistol

Centerfire Defender Pistol - July 2016

Centerfire Defender Pistol – July 2016

In case you missed the fun and excitement!

The centerfire defender pistol shoot was a lot of fun today.

It was a good turnout of shooters at the Short range on the morning of July 23, 2016 for the scheduled Centerfire Defender Pistol Shoot.

Rimfire Defender Pistol Shoot

It was a good turn out of shooters at the Indoor range on the evening of July 12, 2016 for the scheduled Rimfire Defender Pistol shoot. As the shooters took to the firing line, in front of them in the target holders were three bulls-eye targets and one 50 foot 11 bull target. As instructed by the match director each shooter loaded the announced number of rounds and fired at the targets in the order given – round and round and up and down, side to side – until they had gone through their first fifty rounds. As each shooter came to the 11 bull target, they had to choose what bulls-eye they wanted to shoot at as only one hole in any bulls-eye could be counted for score.

Tim’s Tidbits

Once again our old world kept on a turning and the stars, sun and moon stayed in their places so here we go again. Each month in these pages, I try very hard to find and pass on information about your rights, legislation, and the whacky things that go on around us. Some months I find a lot to pass on and some months not so much. But there is always something going on that is worthy of note. So let get going.

Let open this issue with a look into the possible future. It is a Sunday morning in Salem. The Oregon Legislature has just adjourned a few days earlier and you are sitting at your kitchen table, sipping your coffee, and you open the Sunday paper. There in front of you in big bold letters are the words

Singing or Crying

At each general membership meeting the member number of a member is drawn from the BIG barrel. If that member is current on his/her dues and present at the meeting, then they are rewarded with money. The amount is based on what has accumulated in the POT-OF-GOLD up to that time with a maximum of $500.00. If they are not present then they get the crying towel. At the July meeting, member number 191 belonging to Curtis Lyon was drawn. He was not in attendance at the meeting and so lost out on collecting $500.00. So Curtis it is boo hoo and the crying towel to you. The pot will remain at $500.00, for the next general membership meeting this Tuesday August 2nd.