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One day our ‘modern’ firearms will be looked at like antiques.  People will wonder, “what were they thinking setting off mini high pressure explosions next to their heads and hands..lunacy!” They will have the same nostalgia that many people have when looking at old black powder muzzle loader pistols and rifles.

New Steel Targets on the 25yd Range

Steel targets
Steel targets

The new steel targets were added to the 25 yard range today, by Chris Alumbaugh, Daryl Fitzpatrick, and myself, I didn’t do much other than carry it out and shoot at it. However, it was a lot of fun to shoot at and reset the target without walking downrange. The best part was seeing a visitor enjoy a round of fun. He left with a great big smile on his face after knocking them down. This is a great addition to the range we love to shoot at.

As with all things at the club, we ask that if members want to enjoy the fun that can be had, then please treat the target respectfully. If it’s destroyed by carelessness we’re not likely to be able to continue using it.

Thanks to all that were involved in putting the steel targets together, I had a lot of fun using it today.

Smiles and Shooting
Put a smile on a child’s face… take them target shooting
Steel targetso are more fun
Steel targets are fun for the kiddos

.22 Rimfire Challenge Shoot

A good crowd of shooters eager to challenge the steel showed up on the Short Range on the morning of October 22, 2016 for the scheduled .22 Rimfire Challenge Shoot. Each participant had with them a .22 rimfire handgun and a .22 rimfire rifle as needed for this shoot. One by one, each shooter stepped to the firing line and fired 10 shots at the steel with their handgun in the order prescribed by the match director. Each string of 10 shots was timed and penalties were assessed for target misses and other things. When all the shooters had completed the 50 round handgun shooting they switched to their rifles and proceeded to shoot at the rifle targets as directed. Overall, each shooter fired a total of 50 rounds at the pistol targets and 50 at the rifle targets.

In the .22 rimfire challenge game the shooter faces off with either a .22 rimfire handgun and/or a .22 rimfire rifle against five or more steel targets placed at various distances and heights. Firearms can be semi-automatics, leaver actions, revolvers, etc. as long as they meet the requirements of the particular shoot. No fancy equipment is needed.

The challenge part of the .22 rimfire challenge shoot comes in as the shooter attempts to place shots, as directed, on each target as quickly and accurately as they can. Each shooter when called to the shooting line loads 10 rounds and shoots at the steel targets as rapidly and accurately as possible. The goal is to hit the targets as directed by the match director in the least amount of time with no misses. Time penalties are charged for each target missed or for such things as shooting targets in the wrong order. Each shooter goes through the first round of targets five times for a total of 50 rounds fires. After all shooters have gone through the first target stage, they move to the second target stage and shoot those targets as directed, going through those targets five times for another 50 rounds fired. At the conclusion of each stage the shooter is allowed to toss out his/her worst time and then record the sum of his/her best four times for score for the stage.

After all the score sheets were tallied for this shoot and the times placed into the official record, shooting honors for this event went to:

1st Place Neil Dozler
2nd Place Jim Garges
3rd Place Taylor Smith

My sincere thanks to everyone who came out to this shoot, helped set up and tear down, and had a good time making the steel targets ring. There will be another one, so for those who didn’t come out, watch the calendar for the next one. Bear this in mind; every hit on the steel makes the steel ring – a sound that brings gladness to the ears and a smile to the lips. Come on out and get your smiles on.

Tim Brown…………Match Director

Help Wanted

The Rickreall Gun Show will be coming up on Saturday and Sunday, December 10 and 11, 2016, at the Polk County Fairgrounds. As usual, the Four Corners Rod and Gun Club will support their gun show efforts by having an information and membership table at the show to make our facilities, programs, and activities know to the people attending the show.

Member volunteers are needed to man the table. Two members are needed at the table for each of four shifts or a total of eight members. Table shifts will run from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and 9:00 AM till 12:00 PM and 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Sunday.

Club members manning the table will receive free admission to the gun show. This, of course, is in addition to the reward of being of service to the club, gaining an opportunity to meet and talk with a lot of interesting people, and being able to browse around the show and look at all the goodies.

Members desiring to help will need to sign up for a shift so that their names can be given to show management for name tags and free entry. To sign up for a shift, or if you have questions, please call Tim Brown at 503-390-1922.