FNRA 2018 Scholarship Awards

Hello Friends of the NRA,
as promised here they are:
– Application for our FNRA 2018 Scholarship Awards
– Scholarship Press Release (please update your info for it is more powerful to have a local contact)
We are excited to point out that we have changed the award amounts for 2018. Here they are

Fifteen (15) scholarships will be awarded in 2018:
First (1st) – Third (3rd) $ 4,000 each

Fourth (4th) – Nineth (9th) $ 2,000 each

Tenth (10th) – Fifteenth (15th) $1,000 each

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  make sure you inform your local High Schools and Home Schooling network of this great opportunity.
Call me if you have any question.
Best to you and family and thank you for all you do for the FNRA.

Maurizio Valerio
52843 Highway 203
Union, OR 97883



U-Cut and Haul Firewood for club members

We have firewood available for the membership to cut and haul home. The majority of the wood is Cottonwood . There is a small amount of pine available. the wood is in 6 to 8 foot Lengths all different diameters, So a saw is necessary to cut into manageable size pieces. If you have any questions contact the executive officer Daryl Fitzpatrick at 503-932-3931

Short Range Closed Monday 8am-4pm for tree trimming


Tree trimming got done early and the Short Range is now open for use.


The short range will be closed Monday Dec 18th from 8am-4pm for tree trimming.
All other ranges will remain open for use. Signs will be posted at the club as a reminder. If there are any questions contact Executive Officer Daryl Fitzpatrick.