Centerfire Defender Pistol Shoot

It was another good turnout of shooters – including two new shooters –  at the Short range on the morning of January 28, 2017, for the scheduled Centerfire Defender Pistol Shoot.

At the ten yard line in front of each shooter was a single target frame with two bulls-eye targets.   Here each shooter laid out ten rounds, loaded five, and fired at each target as instructed by the match director.  Then they loaded and fired their remaining five rounds at the targets as instructed.

Then each shooter moved to the twenty-five yard line their remaining forty rounds of ammo.  Here they had in front of them four bulls-eye targets.  Here each shooter loaded five rounds and fired at the targets as instructed.  They repeated the process of loading and shooting five rounds as instructed until all forty rounds had been expended.  Each shooter went through the program twice for a total of 100 rounds fired.


After all, the total bullet hits were counted, shooting honors for this event went to:

1st Place      Tim Delgrosso 

2nd Place     Neil Dozler

3rd Place      James Krehmke

As said many times, my thanks to all those who came out, helped with set up and tear down, and took part in this fun shooting event.  And has also been said many times, those who stayed away missed out on a lot of shooting fun and great pistol practice.  So mark your calendars and come on out and give this fun shoot a try.

Tim Brown…………Match Director